michael-papanek-consultingOver the past 30 years, leadership consultant Michael Papanek has advised top executives from the world’s biggest brands, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Salesforce.com, Apple, Cisco, Sutter Health, and VMware. His methods for creating breakthrough results during rapid change are used by Facebook, Chevron, Bank of America, AT&T, Sprint, Clorox and Mercedes-Benz. As an expert on 21st-century leadership, Michael continues the legacy of his grandfather, Kurt Lewin, the psychologist known globally as the father of Organizational Development, the study of how to improve human dynamics to impact business results.

Insightful, strategic, creative, full of energy (and just enough humor) – Michael increases the performance capabilities of leaders and teams through his work as a consultant, trainer, speaker, and coach.

Michael Papanek
Michael Papanek Consulting
Direct: 415.244.4241

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Client Feedback

Massimo Carli, Director T&OD at Fluidigm Corporation, formerly at Yahoo!
“Michael has played a key role in the deployment of a key Leadership program dedicated to the top population of leaders in Yahoo. Michael professionalism, adaptability and solid business experience has been key in the success of the project. He provided critical inputs in the design phase and has been one of our very few external facilitators selected for the initiative. I had the pleasure to work with Mike and co-facilitate with him and I appreciated his insights, advice and humor. I look forward to new opportunities to collaborate with him in the future.”

Becky Wanta, Executive Vice President & CIO at Pacific Compensation Insurance Company
“I retained Michael to lead my Organizational Change Management Effort. Michael put together a superb multi-dimensional plan and successfully partnered with me to transform the hearts and minds of my entire Information Technology organization (approximately 1000 people), and I would hire Michael again at my next opportunity.”

Scott Noteboom, Founder & CEO at Litbit, formerly at Apple, Yahoo!
“I give Michael a lot of credit in the success of my own career. I’ve worked with him on multiple occasions, both in executive coaching and team leadership training. As my executive coach, Michael taught me a lot about human dynamics, team leadership, presentation and communication skill advancement, etc. In leadership training, he did a lot to help my team mature in similar areas. I give my highest recommendation to Michael Papanek– he’s a great guy to work with, and I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Alan Armstrong, CEO and Founder Eigenworks, Inc.
“We hired Michael to help with a change effort that had board-level visibility. We had underestimated the cultural change needed, and Michael helped us diagnose the problem and address it. He worked with our sponsor and the team to reassess the goals, set a new charter for the group, and secure the kind of sponsorship we needed. Along the way Michael used humor to help keep things light in what was a fairly heavy transition. Michael’s impact extended beyond the change effort however; my own career was enriched by his ongoing coaching and the exposure to the body of knowledge that he carries with him.”

John Zapolski, VP Strategy & Operations at Two Bit Circus, formerly Management Innovation Group
“Michael has been both a client and a consulting partner. In every instance, I’ve admired his willingness to productively challenge the status quo in the search for solutions to messy business problems that are at once technical, political, and emotional. As a leader, Michael is adept at bringing teams together around their common interests, clarifying a new vision of the future, and managing a collaborative process of change. He is an adept process designer and facilitator, and always keep the human dimensions of work in focus without letting things start to feel too “soft and squishy.” I definitely look forward to working with Michael again on future projects.”

Justin Sampson, Software Architect at Guidewire Software, formerly at Google
“Michael is the best manager I’ve ever had. He’s great at articulating strategic objectives and making sure the whole team is on board and working together well. I never doubted that he was looking out for my well-being both professionally and personally. I would work with Michael again without hesitation!”

Peter Buck, Software architect and Practice Group Head at HBR Consulting LLC
“Michael brilliantly adapts his teaching/coaching style to your learning style. His initial sessions focused on how I like to learn, grow and receive information. This foundation makes his leadership training 10x more powerful. As the saying goes, “if he can help me, then he can help anyone.”

Michael Rodman, Sales Executive, Qstream
“An uncanny combination of wit, intelligence, and passion! Michael’s knowledge of human dynamics and work-flow processes, collaboration skills, and tremendous energy levels to not only meet but exceed internal and external client expectations is impressive to say the least. Because he brings his entire self into every engagement, one is assured of Michael’s commitment to not only achieving success, but for following a process where all involved feel included, heard and valued.”

Nadav Savio, Design and Strategy at Google.org
“Michael is an effective and accomplished facilitative leader. He motivates others through clarity of strategic vision, tactical excellence, and the high expectations set by his own level of engagement. He is able to articulate and focus the specific strengths of those around him, making both the individuals and the group more effective. I certainly look forward to working with Michael again.”

Stephanie Pincus, Managing Director at Golden Seeds, formerly National Institute of Health
“Michael designed and facilitated a highly interactive meeting on a complex politically challenging medical issue. Participants loved it; but most importantly we easily met our goal of finding creative approaches to move our agenda forward.”

Glenna Gerard, Senior Consultant, Goal Success
“Michael Papanek is as resilient a person, consultant and leader as you’ll find. He brings versatility, a strategic lens, a collaborative mindset and a highly developed skill set for working with folks at all levels from Executive Leadership to the front line. As a person, Michael is accessible and has a sense of humor which is an asset to all he engages with. I have always counted myself fortunate to work with and learn from Michael.”