We help top-notch professionals become effective, successful leaders.

Whether you’re a new, aspiring leader or an esteemed senior executive, coaches at Michael Papanek Consulting offer a personable yet strategic coaching approach, providing the necessary insights and skills your leaders need to achieve outstanding results today and over the long-term. When the heat of change strikes your organization, our strategies will keep your team engaged, excited, and inspired for the next step.

We’ll help your leaders achieve the breakthroughs needed to reach the next level.

Our coaching services include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Manager development
  • Team coaching
  • Developing new leaders and high-potentials
  • Coaching for HR professionals becoming internal consultants

Diagram: The Change Process

When implementing change within your organization or yourself, building new awareness and making clear choices are key steps for lasting change. The Change Process shows us what happens when we rush or skip these steps, and how to lock in change rather than reverting to old mindsets and behaviors.

Leadership tip:

“For a business relationship to be truly resilient and thrive — not merely survive — under pressure and change, good communication skills are insufficient.” — From Breakdown to Breakthrough